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This year, Mexico is hosting the 16th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 16), which in turn houses the 6th Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP6) meetings, both of which are to be held in Cancun from 29 November to 10 December, 2010. As the host country, Mexico will promote the realization of an inclusive, multi-stakeholder conference, in order to achieve results that are practical and effective to cope with the global challenge posed by climate change.

But, what’s water got to do with climate change?

The importance of freshwater has been widely recognized by the international development community through various fora, reviews, reports and studies, among many other instruments. Historically, the development of all great societies has only been possible when water resources have been readily available; conversely, there is a direct and proven link between the lack of access to water resources and poverty.

Due to the increase in temperature and variability in precipitation and runoff, expected as a result of climate change, the management of water resources in quantity and quality will become increasingly difficult, negatively affecting sustainable human development.

Currently the international climate change debate is mainly only on mitigating global greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, a matter on which, despite its undoubted importance, it is not expected that the global community will reach a legally binding agreement in the following years.

Because the impacts associated with climate change are already making themeselves felt, mainly in water, strengthening the resilience of water systems to the effects of climate change is a proactive measure that local and national governments, both local and national, with or without the presence of a global agreement to mitigate the causes of climate change.

Why is the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) making an effort in this regard? As an agency of the Mexican Federal Government, the CONAGUA is implementing a coherent strategy with multiple stakeholders of global and national importance to raise awareness about the importance of strengthening the management of water resources as a measure to increase the resilience of water systems and thus achieve effective adaptation to the effects of climate change, providing an appropriate platform for these technical issues to be brought forth to the political level.

The aim of this strategy is to exchange experiences and generate common understanding within the water community in relation to adaptation to the effects of climate change. Secondly, the strategy aims to reach those who are outside the "water box" to generate public awareness and promote proactive local solutions, as well as lobbying for greater political importance to be given to the subject.

In the same way, this effort seeks to formalize the recognition that adaptation to climate change is basically improved and integrated water resources management.

Based on the above, the CONAGUA has planned an event with several components, organized during the COP 16, which will be called the "Dialogs for Water and Climate Change”.

Participants will include political figures, water experts, NGOs, the media and key spokespersons from Mexico and the international community. This dialog will allow non-governmental positions to be presented and shared with official delegations and will aim to involve those who can participate physically, and those who might be able to take part virtually through the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN).

The culmination of the Dialogs will be a:

High-Level Panel, during the second week of COP 16. The aim of this event is to present and discuss a white paper currently under preparation with a series of relevant stakeholders and the results of the first week's events, as well as fostering greater political buy-in and recognition of the issues raised throughout this process, with Ministers and negotiators, both from developed and developing countries.

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